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Recruit And Earn

Refer Your Friends, Earn Free Service
What does this mean? We have a program that rewards you for referring friends to PrivateVPN. It’s easy! All you have to do is recruit your friends, and whenever they make a payment, you earn points. With these points, you buy free days of service; with enough points, you can use PrivateVPN completely free!

Log in, click on “control panel” and you’re ready to start. Here’s a brief description of how it works:

1.Refer a Friend
Send an invitation by clicking on the + Invite Friend icon on the right side of the control panel page. Or, your friend can enter your unique referral URL link, which you under Invite Friend icon.

2.Earn Points
Every time one of your referred friends purchases a new plan or adds to an existing one, you earn more points!

·1 month gives you 100 points
·3 months gives you 250 points
·1 year gives you 1,000

You can redeem your collected points for free days.